Grizzly Firestarters
What is a firestarter?
A firestarter is a kiln dried sawdust and wax combination pressed into a 2 oz. portion cup. Grizzly Firestarters are a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative to the newspaper and kindling often used to ignite fires in firesplaces, inserts, wood stoves and out camping. Grizzly Firestarters are safe and easy to use: simply stack your wood, light the edge of the paper cup, and place it directly under your wood. Our firestarters burn over 15 minutes, so even if your wood is damp or slightly green it should light easily. (Wet or very green wood may require 2 firestarters). 

Grizzly Firestarters are great for campfires. They are water resistant due to the wax content and will float if dropped in water. Should this happen, simply shake off the excess water and light.

All Grizzly Firestarters are hand made and packaged in our home. We provide both inexpensive generic packaging as well as a wide variety of gift baskets, crates, tins and boxes.   
                                     Lighting a firestarter -                                                       2 minutes -
                      notice it is directly under a piece of wood                          firestarter is fully engulfed
     6 minutes -                                                                         11 minutes -                                                        20 minutes -
wood has caught                                                           blaze is well underway                                   notice firestarter is still burning
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